Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tucker's Nursery Reveal

Life got busy, and I had forgotten to reveal Tucker's Nursery. So, without further ado, here's Tuck Tuck's nursery designed by Me!!!!

It took me and hubby a while to find the perfect color for the nursery that we both liked. If you remember my previous blog post, we decided on Palladium Blue. It is the perfect seafoam blue-ish type of color. This color worked great.

Below is a pic of the room from the entrance.

We decided on a dark wood crib. The crib is the Lauren Crib from Wal-Mart.

The big wall behind the crib was designed partially by me and hubby. Hubby made the U,C,K,E,R letters from a fat head poster that he had in his game room. It was a great idea since the backing is sticky. The "T" letter is a wood letter that we used at our wedding. I glued the letter to card stock and put it in a espresso frame. Since the wooden letter is thick the glass to the frame would not fit on, but I think it looks great without the glass.

Since we were going with a sheep theme. I really wanted something sheep related on the back wall. I found the counting sheep decals on

I placed them over the bed in a fashion as if they were jumping over the bed.

The sheep mobile is from pottery barn and was a gift from my sweet friend, Deena. It plays Mary had a little lamb.

I got the idea for the baskets from another blog. I thought this would be a great solution to store books and toys. Hubby installed the hooks so that the baskets can be easily taken down to pick up toys, etc and hung back up once playtime is over. Also, I think the baskets keep the clutter at bay. The baskets are the Rachel Baskets from World Market.

The curtains are from Ross.

Below the baskets is where I envision as the "play area". Right now we have Tucker's activity mat there. The activity mat was a gift from my friend, Kristina. Tucker LOVES this kick and play mat. I can literally leave him there for a whole hour and he will smile, laugh, and play.

I finally got a night light for the room. It has been a lifesaver because I don't have to turn on the bright light during night feedings and this keeps me from stimulating Tucker during the feed and thus he usually goes right back to sleep. Also, the night light helps because Tucker has some light to see his mobile in the middle of the night and he can soothe himself back to sleep by staring at it.

Also, I wanted to point out that I put the bumper on the outside of the crib at the bottom of the crib. Bumpers inside the crib are stated to be a cause of SIDS, and I wanted to still use the bumper is some way. I found this idea from pinterest.

The soft animals inside the crib are removed when Tucker goes to bed.

Attached on the left side of the crib is the sleep sheep. It makes rain sounds, ocean sounds, whale sounds, etc. This is great white noise and helps Tuck Tuck sleep.

On the floor is a REAL sheepskin rug to go along with the sheep theme. It is SOOOOOO soft. Tucker loves lying on it. The rug is from Sam's Club. Oh, I came up with the sheep/ lamb theme from the verse the "PRECIOUS LAMB OF GOD" :-)

In the corner of the room is the rocking chair and the ottoman also rocks. The rocking/gliding chair  and ottoman is originally from Target, but I purchased it from a seller on craigslist at a great price. The brand/manufacturer is white castle and is a really great brand. The chair is very comfy and love rocking and holding my baby in it.

The lamp behind the chair is from Ikea.

On the wall by the door is a growth chart that my mom bought Tucker. I can't wait to take pics of him by it as he grows.
Behind the door is an idea that my hubby came up with. It is a CD holder that my hubby was no longer using and was going to throw away. He came up with the idea to put Tucker's shoe collection on it since his shoes are soooooo tiny. It was a perfect idea.

On the edge of the crib we have his video camera. Since Tucker's nursery is upstairs and our master is downstairs, this is a God send to keep an eye on him. The camera allows us to play music for Tuck to hear or we can even talk to him from our handheld device through the camera. It has a great night vision, and I can see him perfectly at night. Also, the good thing about the camera is you can add additional cameras to the device and you can view up to 5 cameras on your handheld device. This is great when you have additional kids!!!

On the ceiling fan chain I put this ornament. It was on the gift bag from my friend, Artaska.

Here's just another look inside the baskets. Gosh, how I love those baskets. Hubby reads a book to Tucker before bedtime every night. :-) It makes my heart melt every night!!!!

Up close view of the "T"

This blanket is from my sister Sharon and brother in law Greg. It comes in handy to put on my legs at night during feedings. We keep Tucker's room cool (again this recommended to prevent SIDS). So, this warm blanket is great.
It has a cute little sheep in the pocket

This is the photo gallery wall. Right now I just have childhood pictures of me and hubby along with Tucker's ultrasound pic and my maternity pic. I plan to add more photos of Tucker to this wall. Also, the you are my sunshine art is from Home Goods. I sing this song to Tucker each night before bedtime.

The dresser is from IKEA. I loved this dresser so much that I just had to have it in the room. It was a bit over our budget, but we made it work. The round mirror is from Home Goods. I knew that I wanted a round mirror for the wall. Also, I wanted a WHITE dresser because the room is small and I didn't want too much dark wood in the room because it might make the room appear smaller.

So, as you can see in the room I used white and espresso mixed (i.e. white frames and espresso frames on the wall, white dresser, espresso crib, espresso mirror, white rug, white curtains)

The changing pad on the dresser is from Burlington. The brown changing pad cover is from Marshalls. We already had the small TV in my office. We moved the workout room TV to my office and moved this smaller TV to Tucker's room.

The TV comes in handy to play children's music for Tuck Tuck.

I made this mobile to go over the changing pad. I will post a tutorial on how I made it later. It is just something great for Tucker to look up at as I am changing him. I got the sheep from ebay. They are originally from bath and body works.

Love these classic shoes that my sister Sharon bought Tucker that I had to "display" them on his dresser.

This snow globe is from our friends Angela and Stan. It plays the Lord is my Shepherd.
It is inscribed "Baby Tucker" awwwww
Tucker's closet....
So, that is Tucker's room. I really think it is the BEST room in the house. I love spending time in there with him. It is so tranquil and relaxing. I like to think that Tucker loves it too.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hot Or Not?

Since having little Tucker, I have realized how much the clothes in my closet suck...ahem... need some revamping.  I have been on the lookout for some new clothing/outfits. I am in need of several things and definitely some staple type pieces. When I am shopping,  sometimes it's difficult to determine if certain pieces can be used in a variety of ways. So, I have been looking for some ideas online that I can keep embedded in my brain for  my next shopping trip.

I came across this pic of JLO. Her outfit is just a simple white jacket, white shirt, jeans, and what I like to call her STATEMENT piece....the shoes.  It is the perfect pop of color. Her makeup is simple and the pink lip matches the booties.
This made me think that pretty much all of us have all these items in our closet right now.
So, what do you think about the or not?

I also noticed that Peplum tops are supposedly hot now. Again, what do you pair it with was my dilemma. I saw a peplum top a while back at Target. Here's some ways to pair up the peplum tops. With just a pencil skirt and skinny jeans or with capris.


 I was just at TJ Maxx the other day and saw a full short skirt that I liked. They didn't have my size, but I just found these ideas on pinterest on how to style it.
check out the pink statement piece...the shoes

love the shoes and bag
I've also heard that the next "In" thing in fashion is color blocking. Which to me is wearing solid colors together in an outfit that don't necessarily match, but which "go" together. Here's some pics from pinterest.

 I am digging the purple tights!

This outfit I would not think to put together myself but its really cute together.

What do you think about this color blocking?

love how the shoes match the necklace
So, which of the above outfits or styles are you loving? Any other styles that you are loving? Any tips you have on replenishing my closet/wardrobe are also greatly appreciated.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Five on Friday

I am linking up with the GOOD LIFE Blog and listing the 5 things that I am currently loving.
So, here are a list of the 5 things/items that I am loving:
1. SUMMER TIME Summer is my favorite season. I love warm weather and I love being outdoors. But, most importantly, my birthday is in the summer (JUNE 20th). This summer will be exciting since I will be able to enjoy it with my little baby boy. I am also kind of happy that my due date was in May and I didn't have to go through the hot Houston summer pregnant.

2. White Shorts & Blazer Suit  Now that I am no longer pregnant, I have now been loving a lot of new clothing/ fashion. This one in particular is the white shorts suit set. I saw this at TJ MAXX a while back and loved it, but scoffed at it as my pregnant belly was NOT gonna allow me to try it on. So, this is definitely on my to buy list. It is totally me and combines the two things that I love short shorts and nice a professional look (blazer). It is kind of a party at the bottom and all business at the top lol ... kind of like a mullet hair style lol.  Plus, I love ALL white classic and modern.

Eva Longria is working this outfit.

3.  SWIMSUITS - I am a swimsuit fanatic. I buy at least one new one each year. I noticed a yellow swimsuit awhile back at no other place than WAL-MART. I have been wanting a yellow suit for awhile. It is such a fun and flattering color. The price was like $5 for the top and $5 for the bottom. I will be going by to pick up a yellow suit.  This suit by Victoria Secret also caught my eye. I am LOVING it.
 I am usually not a fan of strapless bikini top, but  thanks to the Milk Ducts (post pregnancy) and breast feeding little Tuck. I think that I may be able to WORK IT, WORK IT. LOL My favorite part of the suit is actually the bottoms. I love the straps. I hoping to get this for this summer.
4. LITTER JEWELRY -   I first heard of Litter jewelry while watching Shark Tank (the investment TV series where entrepreneurs of new products present their products and request equity/funding). I love so many of Litter's products. It is so hard for me to select one that I am loving. So, Litter if you are reading, send me a couple of pieces to review for my readers or do a giveaway to a reader. Here's some of the many things that I love by Litter Jewelry
 love this jeweled hat for those days when you want a different look for a simple and plain hair style.

I love garters. I would definitely where this with some shorts or a skirt. I think this would get tons of compliments and that WOW factor.

This back cross would accentuate any simple little black dress and give them something to look at as you walk away. :-)

This love letter bracelet is just too cute!
  And, last the jeweled mustache when you want to be incognito and hide away from the paparazzi or from your fans lol.
5. Maxi Dresses  - Did you know that not only sells shoes but also clothing???? I didn't either. I am in love with these

oh dear Lord bestill my heart. I love...I WANT. If my husband is reading this....I WANT :-)

Love dresses that are short in the front and long in back.
So, what do you think of my fave 5? Any items that you agree with and are loving too?  Any that you laugh at and think....oh no Tonya, you MUST be crazy? I would love to hear from you!!!! Please comment.